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Quality is the life of an enterprise, and quality management is the guarantee of its survival. As a professional manufacturer of sintered Ndfeb used in electric motors, Hanhai New Materials has developed various strict and perfect training and management programs for ordinary staff, quality control personnel, suppliers and production sites in order to create high-end quality. It is specifically divided into the following points:

Improve the quality management awareness of all staff

Our company adopts the methods of unified training, independent guidance and quality inspection help for staff every week to improve the quality management awareness of all staff, so that all staff can master the quality standards, the operation methods and self-inspection methods to ensure quality.

Strengthen the working skills of quality control personnel

Design quality is an important work for quality control personnel. For quality management, design quality is the top priority. Therefore, our company often organizes quality control personnel to communicate with technical research and development personnel, so as to improve the professional technical knowledge of quality control personnel.

Selection and management of suppliers

The selection and management of suppliers is crucial to quality management. If there is a problem with the quality of raw materials, then no matter how professional the quality management is, the final product will still have problems. When selecting suppliers, our company will make clear the relevant quality agreements with suppliers, so as to improve the importance of suppliers to quality. At the same time, our purchasing staff maintains contact with suppliers to ensure real-time sharing of product process data and obtain product data information before delivery. When we receive the raw materials, we will immediately take samples for composition analysis to ensure that the raw materials meet the product requirements.

Production site management

The quality of the production process mainly includes five links: "people, machine, material, law and environment". Through our 5G+ Internet factory system, we implement real-time control of each production link. From the analysis of raw materials, sintering of blank, cutting and grinding of semi-finished products to inspection, packaging and distribution, we obtain and analyze every data to ensure that every piece of neodymium magnet is under control.