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Custom Neodymium Magnets

AH Magnet carries a large inventory of licensed, permanent, Rare-Earth magnet materials. Magnetic properties for Rare-Earth magnet materials far exceed those of ceramic or alnico materials, making them the preferred magnetic material for many technical applications. We offer neodymium rare earth magnets in off-the-shelf standard sizes, shapes and grades, or in build-to-print custom neodymium magnets configurations.

We have our precision manufacturing facilities and team of experienced engineers to custom neodymium magnets to suit your exact specifications. If you have special requirements, please send us a quote request or contact us and we will help you determine the most economical solution for your project. Our company is an expert in manufacturing custom magnetic assemblies for technical applications.

We design and build custom neodymium rare earth magnets and magnetic assemblies, manufactured to meet your specialty requirements. Please send us a request for a quote or contact us,Learn more about available standard magnets and our custom rare-earth magnet manufacturing capabilities.

Buy neodymium magnets in AH Magnet. Custom neodymium N52 magnets (Neo Magnets) according to your company requirements. We sell all grades of neodymium magnets, custom neodymium magnets shapes,custom neodymium magnets sizes, and custom neodymium magnets coatings. AH Magnet is an ISO9001 accredited Chinese manufacturer/Chinese supplier of all kinds of high performance permanent magnets products with over 30 years of experience in the field. Our headquarter is located in Anhui Province and we have two active sintered neodymium iron boron magnets factories in Anhui and Zhejiang China covering a combined area of 80,000 square meters.

We, as a custom magnet manufacturer,  custom magnets to virtually any shape and size specification, using in-house manufacturing facilities. Use your prints and specifications to engineer custom magnetic assemblies or custom magnets from the drawing board to the production floor. From quick turnaround prototypes to high-volume production, we have the equipment, technical expertise, strategic relationships with key suppliers, and trained personnel needed to manyfacture custom magnets and magnetic assemblies for your specific application.

Sourcing Standard Neodymium Magnets? Have Drawings & Need A Quote? Designed for Your Application?

Why choose custom neodymium magnets manufacturer factory:

1. Mass production of neodymium magnets according to your company specification.

2. High quality.

3. Optimized performance and cost to your company’s needs.

4. Design assistance.

5. Free samples.

6. REACH & ROHS compliance.

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Custom Neodymium Magnets

The basic shapes of neodymium magnets are blocks, arc segments (used mostly in DC motors), discs, cylinders, and rings. More complicated and unsymmetrical shapes are made by  wire cutting, drilling or machining. the process of sintering and manufacturing mass neodymium magnets has its own limitations. And so, not all shapes are within our normal manufacturing capability. please use the contact form in order to ask our team about custom shaped neodymium magnets.

NdFeB is the most powerful permanent magnet material category today.

Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets are part of the rare earth magnet family and are extremely powerful and versatile. Components that were once large and heavy by necessity, can now be miniaturized by using these permanent magnet materials. This often results in substantial cost savings for the completed magnet assembly. High in strength and less brittle, but more temperature sensitive than the SmCo types of rare earth magnets, neodymium magnets are often the more cost-effective choice.

Custom Sizes & Shapes:

Custom Neodymium magnets range in size from micro-dimensions (0.010") to assemblies weighing several tons. Standard shapes include discs, blocks, rings, and arc segments in different grades. Non-standard shapes can be custom fabricated to specifications from raw stock. Many grades of Neodymium exist to support a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The range of Neo grades is typically 33 to 52 MGOe. These ranges allow for balancing cost, magnetic performance, and operational temperature resistance.

AH Magnet has available for sale N35, N40, N42, N45, 50 & neodymium magnets N52 which are the most popular Super Strong Rare Earth Magnets these days. Retail, Wholesale & Bulk custom neodymium magnets for sale.


Due to the relatively brittle nature and high magnetic strength of NdFeB magnets, cutting and grinding should be done prior to magnetization. Detail of how are neodymium magnets made

 AH Magnet can custom manufacture neodymium magnets in virtually any shape and size to meet your requirements, using our in-house grinding and EDM facilities. Finishing to tolerances of +0.0001" can be achieved, as required.

Surface Treatments:

Neodymium magnets have poor resistance to corrosion and they can also corrode from the inside out if proper pre-treatment processes are not followed. So painting, epoxy coating, or plating is highly recommended to prevent corrosion.  AH Magnet can coat your custom magnets with a wide variety of materials, including nickel plating, IVD, or epoxy coatings.

AH specializes in the manufacture and supply of neodymium magnets for a wide range of industrial applications. custom magnets coated in a variety of materials, available in different grades, hassle free shipping, contact us today!

Temperature Considerations:

Custom Neodymium N52 magnets are very susceptible to elevated operating temperatures and the application requirements should be considered before selecting a particular grade of Neo. For applications in which the magnet may be exposed to temperatures in excess of about 250°F (120°C), careful consideration must be given to the choice of magnet grade and the magnetic circuit.

Magnetizing & Handling:

Although most commercial magnets are anisotropic, which means they have a preferred direction of magnetization, various pole configurations can be achieved without conflicting with a Neodymium Magnet’s orientation. Magnetizing fields in excess of 35 kilo Oersteds are required to magnetize these materials. NdFeB materials are mechanically weak, but are magnetically very strong. They must therefore be handled carefully to avoid injury to personnel and damage to the magnets.

Common Applications

Neodymium rare earth magnets are frequently used in holding systems requiring very high holding forces, high field yoke magnets, magnetic bearings, magnetic couplings, loudspeakers, Halbach arrays, headphones, microphones, magnetic separation, instrumentation, switches, relays, magnetic resonance, sputtering, vacuum deposition, charged particle beam guidance, particle accelerators, undulators, wigglers, high-performance stepper, DC, servo, linear, voice coil motors, and more.

 If you have special requirements for your project, please send us a quote request or contact us and we will help you determine the most economical solution for your project. Our company is an expert in manufacturing custom neodymium magnets for technical applications.

Product Packaging

All the permanent neodymium magnets are shipped to the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, etc. The custom magnets are packed with spacers or washers and magnetic isolation packages for air shipment.

Custom Neodymium MagnetsCustom Neodymium MagnetsCustom Neodymium Magnets

These magnets are used for car sensors, linear motors, and medical equipment.

About Neodymium Magnets FAQ

Why are neodymium magnets so strong?

Neodymium magnets are considered strong because they have a high saturation magnetization and resist demagnetization. Although they are more costly than ceramic magnets, strong neodymium magnets pack a powerful punch! A primary benefit is that you can use a smaller sized NdFeB magnet to achieve the same objective as a larger, less expensive magnet. This can potentially lead to a lower overall cost, as the size of the entire device can shrink.

How long do neodymium magnets last?

Neodymium magnets will likely lose less than approximately 1% of their flux density over a 10-year period if their physical properties remain intact, and they are not subjected to demagnetizing influences (such as high temperatures, opposing magnetic fields, radiation, etc.).

What are the main characteristics of neodymium magnets?

Neodymium magnets are far less subject to cracking & chipping and less costly than other rare-earth magnetic materials such as Samarium Cobalt ("SmCo"). They are however more sensitive to temperature. For applications where this is critical, SmCo may be the better choice, since its magnetic properties are very stable at elevated temperatures.

What grades & shapes are available for neodymium magnets?

Grades N30, N35, N38, N40, N42, N48, N50, and N52 are available for all shapes & sizes of NdFeB magnets. We stock these magnets in the disc, bar, block, rod, and ring shapes. Not all of our neodymium magnets are shown on this website so please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for. We can also custom manufacture these to meet your special requirements, just send us a Special Request and we'll help you determine the most economical solution for your project.

What are some common applications for neodymium magnets?

Neodymium Magnets are typically used in audio equipment (microphones, headphones, and loudspeakers) hard disk drives, pumps, bearings, MRI scanners, electric vehicles, wind generators, high-performance motors, actuators, magnetic therapy, anti-lock braking systems, levitation devices, door latches, model making, arts & crafts, home improvement (DIY-fixing furniture, hanging pictures, etc.) POP displays & more. Visit our applications page to learn more.

What are the best temperatures to use for neodymium magnets?

These magnets should not be used in temperatures above 130° C (240° F) without careful magnetic circuit design. Please contact us to discuss your application with our engineers if you plan on using these magnets above this temperature.

Do neodymium magnets require surface treatments?

Magnets that are not protected with a surface coating (such as plating) may rust in humid conditions.

What are common methods for assembling neodymium magnets?

Neodymium magnets are often assembled into products using “super glues” such as Loctite 325. As with all bonding applications, please ensure that bonding surfaces are clean and dry (prior to bonding) for best results.

What is a permanent magnet?

Permanent magnets represent the majority of magnetic materials available today. A permanent magnet is made from ferromagnetic materials, which have magnetic fields that do not turn on and off like electromagnets. We carry a large inventory of permanent magnets; neodymium, alnico, ceramic (ferrite), and samarium cobalt, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and grades.

What is a rare-earth magnet?

Rare-earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets available today and produce significantly stronger magnetic fields than ceramic (ferrite) or alnico magnets. There are two types of rare-earth magnets; neodymium and samarium cobalt, both of which are available for online purchase. Click here to learn more information about magnetic materials.

How are magnets rated?

Magnets are typically rated by their residual induction, coercive force & maximum energy product. This refers to the maximum strength that the magnetic material can be magnetized to. 

What does "approximate pull Info" mean?

The approximate pull info listed is for reference only. These values are calculated under the assumption that the magnet will be attached to a flat, ground 1/2" thick mild steel plate. Coatings, rust, rough surfaces, and certain environmental conditions can significantly reduce the pull force. Please be sure to test the actual pull in your actual application. For critical applications, it is suggested that the pull be de-rated by a factor of 2 or more, depending on the severity of a potential failure.

What safety precautions should be taken into consideration when working with neodymium magnets?

Neodymium magnets are hard, fairly brittle, and high in magnetic strength. They can snap together with great force, so please ensure that all personnel handling these magnets are aware to handle them carefully in order to avoid injuries. They can also chip or break if dropped or if snapped together, so please take special care when handling these powerful magnets!

Why Choose AH-Custom Magnet Manufacturer

1. The factory controls the quality.

2. According to your application environment, we will give you suggestions from a professional point of view.

3. In order to provide customers with sintered neodymium iron boron magnets with high quality and competitive price, AH Magnet has continuously improved staves' work skills, production facilities and management techniques.

4. We have passed ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO45001, and ISO14001 certification. Complete production and inspection standards ensure that the neodymium magnets provided by our company meet customers' design requirements, especially the high-performance permanent magnets which are used for electric motors.

5. AH Magnet can supply a wide range of customized neodymium magnets according to requests, regardless of size, shape, or grade. All you need is your design drawings or an idea. Stock Standard Neodymium magnets are also available.

6. AH Magnet can help optimize performance and cost with Neo magnets in grades from 33 to 52MGOe and operating temperatures up to 230°C/446°F.

As a China custom neodymium magnets manufacturer, we provide custom neodymium magnets bulk, including neodymium magnets custom shapes (such as custom neodymium ring magnets), custom sizes of custom neodymium magnets (such as custom dynamic 50mm with neodymium magnets), exported to the USA, Canada, UK, and other countries and regions, welcome to inquire!

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