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Custom Round Magnet

Round magnets are mainly used in mechanical equipments, such as magnetic chucks, magnetic reactors,electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic bearings, magnetic separation and magnetic cranes.

Product Description


Rare earth permanent magnet, Ferrite

About this Item

As same as block magnets, round magnets have strong magnetism and are mostly used for mechanical equipments and adsorption.

Various sizes are supportable, and the tolerance can be controlled within ±0.01mm.

The magnetic poles of magnet depends on the direction of magnetization. Normaly, the two ends of a round magnet are N pole and S pole respectively. In this case, its magnetic field line distribution is from N pole to S pole through the outer space, and the edge part of the end surface has the strongest magnetic field, and the center is weak. Under special circumstances, the magnetic poles can also be magnetizated on the side as design required.


Adsorption, electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic bearings, magnetic separation, etc.