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thin neodymium magnets

thin neodymium magnets

Neodymium Magnets are one of the strongest permanent magnets, which also called "Magnetic King".
They are made from Neodymium (Nd), Iron (Fe) and Boron (B) material and plated in Ni+Cu+Ni for a shiny surface and good rust resistant finish.

thin neodymium magnets product sample

N52 Strong Permanent Neodymium Rare Earth NdFeB Round Thin Magnets Disc for Craft, Science and DIY 1.26" Diameter X 0.08"

0.787" (20mm) dia x 0.020" (0.50mm) thick, N50 Rare Earth Magnets, Magnetized through the thickness. Nickel Plated.

thin neodymium magnets FEATURE

  • Durable - These neodymium magnets ( NdFeB ) are Ni+Cu+Ni triple layer coated, which offer a rust resist protection and shining surface to the magnets

  • Permanent - Strong Holding Power and resistance to magnetisation. The magnet power basically last forever

  • Multi-function - it is good for DIY Art, hand crafting and storage idea. It can be widely use in garage, home, office wall, misti or scientific experienments

  • Easy to use - No tools required. Quick and easy to assemble. Put them on any magnetic surface. No drill. No holes. No mess.

  • User Tips - Be careful when seperating them apart and putting them together, the magnet would be fragile when they crash each others

Uses for thin neodymium magnets:

Galleries, trade show setup teams and conference organizers love these small magnets for attaching visual displays, banners and signage to different surfaces. A magnetic band with double sided tape works on many types of walls, doors and bench tops. They are small enough to not attract undue attention, yet strong enough to provide long lasting hold. These super thin magnets are easy to position and re-position if necessary.

Refrigerator magnets
Crafts, Hobbies, DIY projects
Hanging tools, jars, signs
Secure window or show curtains
Hold car, RV or boat cover
Science experiments

thin neodymium magnets

Custom thin neodymium magnets - We can also custom manufacture neodymium magnets to fit your exact specifications using our in-house global manufacturing facilities and team of experienced engineers. If you have specialty requirements, send us a request for quote or contact us and we'lll help you determine the most economical solution for your project. We are expert at manufacturing custom magnetic assemblies for technical applications.

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