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tiny neodymium magnets

tiny neodymium magnets

Mini ultra-thin miniature rare earth neodymium magnets

Miniature Magnets, Miniature Miniature Magnets Neodymium

Magnet Materials: Subminiature magnets are usually limited to bonded magnetic products, but now ALB can offer miniature, fully dense neodymium magnets...

Environmental protection.

In addition to manufacturing a variety of small magnet solutions, we can offer a range of coating or plating options. Conventional magnet corrosion inhibiting solutions such as nickel and epoxy can be used, and when the magnet is exposed to an organic environment it is often used inert.


All shapes and available in discs, blocks, rings, arcs and spheres as well as custom geometries.

Miniature/Micro Magnet Capabilities

The thinnest NdFeB magnets we can produce are 0.4mm thick

Must have collection of motor magnet websites.

ALB finds many customers requesting Nd-Fe-B plates.

They often ask, how many millimetres can you make the thinnest magnets? And, nowadays, mobile phones are getting thinner and thinner.

The speaker camera of a mobile phone is naturally getting thinner and thinner.

This requires a magnet manufacturer with certain strength and experience.

A small version of a samarium cobalt magnet previously prototyped for a precision electronics factory in the USA.

It is 0.2mm thick. How thin is 0.2mm? It is equivalent to the thickness of two sheets of ordinary A4 paper.

Producing such thin paper is cumbersome and the scrap rate is very high.

tiny neodymium magnets

Multi-pole ceramic magnets Thin disc magnets Applications

Multipole ceramic magnets thin disc, disc hard ferrite magnets, hard sintered ferrite strong disc magnets, round ceramic strong disc magnets, anisotropic or isotropic permanent magnets, ceramic disc refrigerator magnets China suppliers of various devices using rare earth magnets indispensable in our lives.

Thin, large screen TVs are fitted with compact, high quality speakers.

The use of rare earth magnets in these speakers helps to make them smaller in size and higher in sound quality.

Rare earth magnets are used in DVD burners (players) and DVD write heads (optical pickups) to accurately read video and audio signals.

Rare earth magnets are also used in the voice coil motor (VCM) that drives the head that reads and writes video and audio signals in the hard disk drive, which is installed in the recorder with the hard disk drive.

Air conditioning controls room temperature by compressing and expanding the gas used as a thermal medium.

Rare earth magnets are used in the compressor motors that compress this gas.

The use of rare-earth magnets increases the energy efficiency of the air conditioner.

Heat pump water heaters (Eco Cute) generate heat by compressing and expanding the same gas as an air conditioner (* there are also many water heaters that use carbon dioxide) and use this heat to heat water.

Rare earth magnets are used in the compressor motor to compress the gas.

Refrigerators cool gas by compressing and expanding the same gas as air conditioners (* there are also many refrigerators that use carbon dioxide) and use that cooled gas for refrigeration and freezing.

Rare-earth magnets are used in compressor motors to compress the gas.

For custom miniature precision magnets, square ultra-thin NdFeB magnets, ultra-thin NdFeB magnets quotation for prototype welcome to contact us.

The best magnets await your best choice, welcome to Rare Earth Block Neodymium Magnet Solutions.

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