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neodymium magnets n42

N42 neodymium disc magnets combine one of the most popular grades of neodymium with one of the most popular design shapes. Because the basic idea is so popular, goes above and beyond to offer plated N42 disc magnets in as many sizes and strengths as possible. All of our N42 disc magnets are plated to protect against corrosion and chipping.

Grade N42 neodymium magnets are the ideal DIY Parts & Options. They can be used as a magnet rotor, closure, mount, linear coupler, connector, Halbach Array, holder, and stand, etc., helping you for the development of new inventions and making your life easier. Therefore, you can find permanent magnets on many amazing novel products in Stanford Magnets. Most of our customers directly pointed out that they need N42 rare earth magnet at their first magnet inquiry.

N42 Neodymium Magnets: Versatile, Powerful and Affordable

N42 Neodymium Magnets are perfect for just about any application. They have a maximum working temperature of 80 ℃, or 176°F, which makes N42s a better choice for applications where higher working temperatures are involved. N42 Neodymium Magnets are an excellent choice for both Home and Industrial applications, and have a wide variety of uses including, but not limited to, the following:

neodymium magnets n42

What does grade n42 magnet mean?

The grade N42 means a neodymium magnet has a maximum energy product of 42 MGOe. It refers to the maximum magnetic energy that the material can be stored. It can be showed by the magnet’s Demagnetization Curve, or BH Curve – the strongest point is (BH)max. Generally speaking, the higher the grade, the stronger the magnet. And currently, the highest grade of neodymium magnet available is N55, the lowest is N35.

What do grades N42M, N42H, N42SH, and N42UH mean?

Compared with N42, N42M, N42H, N42SH, and N42UH come with different letters. These grades following letters refer to the temperature rating of the sintered neodymium rare earth magnet. N42M is 100℃, N42H is 120℃, N42SH is 150℃ and N42UH is 180℃. Thereinto, N42SH high working temperature neodymium magnets are widely used on a motor. You can find our specifications of N42 series Neodymium Magnets as below or for full grade table, please visit Sintered Neodymium Magnet Characteristic.

Why do so many customers choose N42 neodymium rare earth magnets?

Due to N42 neodymium magnets for sale is a great balance among cost, strength, and performance under 80℃ operating temperatures. Although there are higher grades, such as N52 and N52, the max working temperature is only 60℃. And not only the higher the grade, the stronger the magnet, but also the higher the grade is, the higher the price will be. Many strong magnet online retail stores also list more N42 neodymium permanent magnets on their websites. So N42 is perfect for green hands.

For example, when you start a new project which needs neodymium magnets and you don’t know “What Grade Should I Choose”, then grade N42 neodymium rare earth magnet is a good start to have a sample test. You can get the same strength as an N50 magnet by using a slightly larger N42 magnet or get the same strength as an N38 magnet by using a slightly small N42 magnet. But if you need the highest strength in the smallest possible size at room temperature, grade N52 or N55 is the strongest available.

Neodymium magnets are part of the Rare Earth magnet family and are the most powerful permanent magnets in the world. They are referred to as NdFeB magnets, or NIB, because they are composed of Neodymium (Nd), Iron (Fe) and Boron (B).

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